Дата: 26 октября 2020


Our developers have been buzzy bees getting top issues addressed for this hotfix.

PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch have not yet received the update but will have it soon.

This update is still multiplayer compatible with devices running version 1.14.0.

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  • Crashes / Performance
    • Fixed several of the top crashes that occurred during gameplay, across all platforms
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when signing into Xbox Live on some Android devices
    • Added a potential fix for a crash and user interface corruption that occurred after updating the game on Xbox One
    • Improved performance in areas with high numbers of players
    • Increased performance when loading skins on Featured Servers
    • Made several improvements to improve the stability of online features like Marketplace and access to purchased content
  • General
    • Fixed some achievements and trophies unlocking for all players during a multiplayer session
  • Gameplay
    • View bobbing once again behaves correctly when facing North and South (MCPE-56214)
  • Mobs
    • Bees now become angry when baby bees are attacked
    • Bees will now die after attacking (MCPE-53860)
    • Monsters no longer spawn on glass and leaves
  • Items
    • Fixed items disappearing when crafting several items (MCPE-56118)
    • Fixed some instances of milk randomly disappearing from buckets (MCPE-57194)
  • Character Creator
    • Fixed some Character Creator items appearing incorrectly
    • Fixes to Character Creator screens when scrolling with the right thumbstick
  • Graphical
    • Fixed broken textures appearing after Resource Packs are deactivated
  • User Interface
    • Fixed the prompt that appears when split-screen guests attempt to join a multiplayer world without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription
    • Fixed the Sign In button on the main menu having the wrong position and touching the edge of the screen with some languages
    • Fixed an issue that caused some players not to be able to leave the Inventory screen on the Marketplace
    • Fixed placeholder text appearing on the Resource Packs and Behavior Packs screens
    • Various fixes to the user interface when using Japanese language
    • Fixed the Mario Skin Pack’s description never loading on Nintendo Switch

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