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Дата: 12 сентября 2019

Nippon Columbia has announced Pretty Princess Magical Coordinate for Switch

It will launch on December 5 in Japan for 4,800 yen.

Here is an overview of the game, via Nippon Columbia:

Decorate Castle Rooms with Over 1,300 Interior Items

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The game is set in the castle of a fantasy world ruined due to the long absence of a princess. The main character, who for some reason wanders into the castle, will attempt to revive the obsolete palace in order to return to the world she once belonged.

In order to reconstruct the castle, you must decorate all 20 rooms within it. Make use of over 1,300 items to decorate the interior of the castle to your heart’s content.

Wear Beautiful Dresses and Feel Like a Princess

Create a princess avatar, and dress up and do their hair and makeup with various outfits and parts. In addition to 50 respective dresses, shoes, tiaras, and hair ornaments, there are 25 respective hair styles and colors, and plenty of eye color, eye makeup, lip, and team variations.

Learn How to be a Princess through Lessons (Mini-Games)

In order to obtain stylish interiors and fashion items, you must polish your senses as a princess. To do that, you can play lesson mini-games to learn how to be a princess. There are six types of lessons in total.

Commemorate Your Interiors and Fashion Decorations with a Photograph

After fully decorating a room, you can take a commemorative photograph and save it to your album. You can also have your princess make various poses for the camera.

Continue Playing with Post-Game Activities

There are various “Challenge Objectives” which you can continue to try to clear even after clearing the story. Of course, you can also upgrade the rooms you created early on in the game with the interior items you obtained later on, as well as redo your commemorative photographs with your newly obtained dresses.

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